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Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68 is a high-performance, anti-wear hydraulic fluid specifically designed for use in industrial and mobile applications where outstanding performance and environmental safety are crucial. Formulated with premium base oils and ashless additives, this hydraulic fluid offers excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68 provides exceptional thermal and oxidative stability, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your hydraulic systems. Being biodegradable and having minimal environmental impact, Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68 is an ideal choice for use in environmentally sensitive areas. By meeting or exceeding the requirements of leading hydraulic pump manufacturers, Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 68 is the perfect solution for maintaining your equipment's peak performance while minimizing environmental impact.


SKU: 926
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