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Chevron Cylinder Oil W 680 is a high-quality, high-performance, high-viscosity lubricant specifically designed for use in industrial steam and marine engines where exceptional performance, protection, and extended service life are essential. Formulated with premium base oils and advanced additive technology, Cylinder Oil W 680 provides excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. This lubricant offers outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, minimizing sludge formation and deposit build-up, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your engines. Chevron Cylinder Oil W 680 is suitable for use in applications with high temperatures, heavy loads, and high pressures, meeting or surpassing major equipment manufacturers' requirements. Rely on Chevron Cylinder Oil W 680 to maintain your industrial steam and marine engines' optimal performance, prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance expenses.


SKU: 776
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