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Chevron Delo 400 Syn XSP 5W-30 CK-4 is a premium, high-performance, full synthetic diesel engine oil designed to provide exceptional performance and protection in a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty diesel engines, mixed fleets, and off-highway equipment. Formulated with advanced additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils, Delo 400 Syn XSP 5W-30 CK-4 offers superior wear protection, oxidation resistance, and deposit control, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your engines. This lubricant provides excellent cold-start capabilities and maintains its viscosity under high-temperature conditions, making it suitable for use in various environments. Chevron Delo 400 Syn XSP 5W-30 CK-4 meets or exceeds the latest API CK-4 and OEM specifications and is compatible with the latest low-emission engines. Trust Chevron Delo 400 Syn XSP 5W-30 CK-4 to maintain your diesel engines' optimal performance, extend their life, and reduce maintenance costs.


SKU: 778
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