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CITGO CITGARD 1000 Engine Oil Advanced Fuel Efficiency formula delivers maximum fuel economy, extreme cold temperature performance and superior engine durability. These engine oils contain a careful balance of synthetic base oil components with a shear stable viscosity modifier, which insures heavily loaded engine parts have protective oil films. CITGO CITGARD 1000 Engine Oils meet the performance requirements of newer engines operating at higher temperatures, with lower RPM, higher torque and advanced combustion design. CITGO CITGARD 1000 Engine Oils have been field tested for over a million miles with engine teardown inspections compared to premium SAE 15W-40 viscosity grade oils. The results indicate superior wear protection and oil consumption control.


SKU: 583
  • Product Information sheets provide comprehensive data about the features, benefits, and technical specifications of our lubricant products. By reviewing these documents, you will gain a better understanding of how our lubricants can improve the performance and longevity of your equipment.

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  • Safety Data Sheets are essential documents that detail the safety aspects of our products, including information on the potential hazards, handling, storage, and disposal of our lubricants. These sheets also provide guidance on first aid measures, firefighting procedures, and accidental release measures.

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