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Mystik JT-6 Synthetic 460 #2 Grease represents the latest in technology using synthetic PAOs in greases and is recommended for extended service applications; reducing operating costs and extending component life. Mystik JT-6 Synthetic 460 #2 Grease has superior water washout and spray off resistance, and is designed to prevent corrosion in fresh and sea water conditions. This is particularly important when exposed to corrosive anti-icing agents and water spray conditions. Mystik JT-6 Synthetic 460 #2 Grease is specifically engineered for trailer wheel-ends operating under a wide range of conditions. It can also be utilized in industrial gear boxes where operating temperatures are high, where conventional semi-fluid grease will not produce adequate lubricant life. This NLGI Grade 00 grease supports excellent performance in demanding conditions of high and low temperatures, and offers the potential for energy savings and reduction in operating temperatures. Fully additized to provide superior extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear characteristics, Mystik JT-6 Synthetic 460 #2 grease is inhibited to resist corrosion and oxidation.


Mystik® JT-6® Synthetic 460 #2 Grease

SKU: 529
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